• The Power of Plant Profusion – The GOLD Standard

    One of the most common questions Dr. G gets asked is, 'when to start using an anti aging regimen?'. 

    "By the time your mid 20’s roll around, collagen production has already started slowing down. Collagen is one of three structural proteins that our bodies produce. Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans are the other two,…

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  • Balance – The basics of flower design and more, with expert Amy Balsters

    Amy's greatest joy in her floral work is to use her years of formal training, vast industry experience, unique visual aesthetic and passionate sourcing of the best materials to bring each of her clients' vision to life. She accomplishes this through listening…

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  • Defining Balance: Q & A with wellness expert, Mona Dan

    If you suffer from chronic pain or health issues, you've probably considered (or been told to consider) acupuncture or even something more basic as in Chinese Medicine. Eastern alternative medicine is  a healing medicine, merged together with the wisdom of the east and the knowledge of the west, offered for those seeking…

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  • Balancing Act: How to achieve a balanced complexion

    Peel, exfoliate, treat, hydrate, control, pH balanced. Does this sound like your brain when dealing with your skin? The struggle to balance skin no matter your age can be daunting. The goal is to improve tone, texture, firmness, softness and hydration. So, what is pH balanced skin and why is it so important?

    The skin…

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  • Female Founder: Nikki Bostwick, Founder / Editor-in-Chief of The Fullest Magazine 

    Nikki Bostwick, Founder / Editor-in-Chief of The Fullest Magazine

    What are you most passionate about (what excites you the most – content)?

    I love content that has me stretching my mind — rethinking my current beliefs and keeping me open to new possibilities and ways of thinking. This is just as important…

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  • Female Founder: Jessie DeLowe, co-Founder of How You Glow

    When it comes to health and wellness, we all need to learn a thing or two from LA-based, Jessie DeLowe. Jessie has an impressive pedigree of talents - Certified Yoga Instructor and Art Therapist Jessie De Lowe provides life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences to clients across the globe (and a new mom to…

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Boosts, rejuvenates, and rehydrates the eye area