• Discussing clean living: Q&A with KINN’s Sophie Lavabre-Barrow

    A company after our own heart, KINN -  a start-up organic lifestyle brand started by Sophie Lavabre-Barrow and her mother (Marie) which aims to provide you with easily accessible products such as Organic skincare and Plant Based home care products. We sat down with Sophie to find out more about her daily lifestyle routine…

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  • 5 Steps to Beat Jet Lag Forever

    Summer's here. It's time to hop a flight to the Amalfi Coast, or Tulum, or Bali—somewhere with clear water, sandy beaches, and a very weak wifi connection.

    You work hard to cash in your vacay time—and you deserve to put on your email autoresponder and soak up every last minute of it. But if you're…

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  • Dr. G’s Tips For Skin Detox

    Your skin is one of the major organs involved in eliminating wastes and impurities from your body (and the largest organ at that), mainly through perspiration. Sometimes, if your system is overwhelmed, your skin may develop issues to compensate (hello….congestion!), and try to get rid of these impurities.

    A skin detox…

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  • The Power Of Anti-Oxidants

    Inside the nucleus of every cell, from skin cells to brain cells, there are tiny organelles called mitochondria. These are the essential powerhouses that produce the energy needed for normal cell function and survival. The decline of mitochondrial function caused by free radical damage is often associated with aging. Antioxidants…

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  • The Power of Plant Profusion – The GOLD Standard

    One of the most common questions Dr. G gets asked is, 'when to start using an anti aging regimen?'. 

    "By the time your mid 20’s roll around, collagen production has already started slowing down. Collagen is one of three structural proteins that our bodies produce. Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans are the other two,…

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  • Balance – The basics of flower design and more, with expert Amy Balsters

    Amy's greatest joy in her floral work is to use her years of formal training, vast industry experience, unique visual aesthetic and passionate sourcing of the best materials to bring each of her clients' vision to life. She accomplishes this through listening…

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