• How To Give Your Skin A Detox

    The way our skin looks is a direct reflection of what is happening externally and internally. It would be nice if we lived in a stress-free world, eating only pure, organic foods―but come on, life is hectic! The old adage, “we are what we eat” is more true today than ever. It’s a fact: what we eat and how we feel…

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  • Guided Detox Regimen with Cassandra Cadwell

    December's many indulgences make January an ideal time to detox, both inside and out. Again striving for balance, we put forth our best efforts in January to cleanse both internally and externally (and we know that's it's all intertwined), so we asked one of our go-to beauty gals, Cassandra Cadwell, (aka newly appointed…

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  • Skin Deep: Understanding Your Skin

    One should really have a healthy respect for their skin. The truth is, your skin does far more than serve as a fancy covering to make you look good. In fact, the list of job responsibilities it handles is actually quite impressive.
    The Master Multi-Tasker: The way our skin looks is a direct reflection of what is happening…

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  • The Power of Florals

    Over the next few months we will share Dr. G’s thought process and choices for ingredients and formulating. This week we sat down with him to learn about the ‘Power of the Flower’, and why something as ordinary as a floral arrangement on your table, could save your skin.
    "The integrity and purity in plant and botanically…

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  • Antioxidants 101: What & Where, Dr. G Reports

    Environmental aggressors are one of the main (if not the main) causes of aging skin damage and cancer. Daily aggressors like the sun, the air, pollution, exhaust, smoking, second hand smoke, radiation, the ozone, unclean skincare products ( ingredients ie: phalates, mineral oil), ingested food and water all contribute to…

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