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I declared myself ‘The Princess of Natural Skincare”, because it is what I am. I was born to health conscious parents who placed a large emphasis on helping others, so I kind of had my work cut out for me. My passion is to help people have beautiful, younger, healthier skin. I was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida and currently live in Los Angeles.  My family is extremely important to me and I am lucky enough to work with them.

Some of my favorite things in life are a sunrise, the ocean, the rain and running outside. I am down for anything athletic and am very hooked on running and spinning these days.  Running not only changed my body, it changed my mind and my life. I consider myself a bit of a foodie(hence all the exercise) and I love to try new exotic foods. I spend time researching and reading about ingredients for cooking and to use in our products.

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Florence, Italy.  I attended art school in Florence during a semester in college and have been back many times to this magical city. I am obsessed with running shoes and bikinis(which I collect and store in ziplock bags). I drink a lot of coffee and coconut water. I sometimes bake for fun. Photography is a hobby(see my Instagrams!). I hold a BFA in Studio Art/Art History and a MS in Museum Education. Needless to say I love art and make it a point to visit museums as often as possible. You will usually find me wearing flip flops and a sundress or running shoes and work out clothes when I’m not working.  I collect pig art. I am a product junkie when it comes to anything nail or hair related. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like. My favorite artists are Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, Robert Motherwell and Claude Monet. I love all genres of music. I am inspired by kindness, determination, peace and love.


I was an advertising executive missing something to complete my love and passion for all things beauty. After a realization that there was a lack of quality dermatological skincare products with natural ingredients on the market, I was propelled into wanting to create a solution. My desire to find natural beauty products that provide proven, scientific results in the marketplace have lead me to GOLDFADEN MD.

I rarely meet a lifestyle shop, decadent food dish, fashion staple, vintage object, or beauty products/tips that I can’t live without. Some of my favorite things, just to name a few, are french bulldogs, parisian hot chocolate, toffee and yoga. I love to mix high-end fashion with a $10 item and you can always find me toting Chanel lipgloss. With a beauty-stash that is more than just a collection, I cannot wait to tell you about my discoveries, top-picks and new trends that are emerging!


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Kristen Conahan

Kristen Conahan is the blogger behind the LA-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle site, Style Wax Poetic. Style Wax Poetic was inspired by the romanticized notion of fashion being a true art form of expression. Kristen focuses on trend stories, behind the scenes with designers and covers upscale events taking place in the land of fashion and
beauty tastemakers. Tune into Style Wax Poetic for Music Mondays – where Kristen posts her favorite song of the week and weekly outfit style outfits where she plays around with one of her favorite creative mediums – photography.