Why is Vitamin D crucial in skincare?

In addition to being a key factor in skin cell growth and replacement, vitamin D also plays a major role in skin repair and protection. When microorganisms attack the skin, they secrete certain extracts that stimulate your skin to produce vitamin D. This vitamin D signals your skin’s innate immune system to start manufacturing a substance called cathelicidin, a very powerful germicide. Cathelicidin disrupts the integrity of bacterial cell membranes, resulting in the death of the microbes. Cathelicidin also helps promote the development of blood vessels and encourages new cell growth, both of which are essential for proper wound healing.

Your skin is also extremely susceptible to free radical damage because of its high rate of metabolism and fatty acid content. Free-radicals deteriorate your skin’s structural support and decrease its elasticity, resilience, and suppleness. In order to protect itself from this constant oxidative stress your skin has a natural supply of antioxidants. One of the most powerful of these is vitamin D. In fact, Vitamin D has been shown to be more effective than vitamin E in reducing lipid peroxidation.

Technically speaking, vitamin D isn’t a true vitamin. A vitamin is defined as a substance that’s essential to daily life, which can’t be manufactured by the body. Since your skin can produce approximately 10,000 IU of vitamin D after just 20-30 minutes of summer sun exposure, it doesn’t really fit the profile. Vitamin D more closely resembles a hormone than a vitamin. The active form of vitamin D, called calcitriol, is the most powerful hormone produced by the human body. It has the ability to activate over 2000 genes, many of which are involved in critical aspects of skin cell metabolism, growth, repair and protection.

What is better for absorbing Vitamin’s D’s benefits for the skin? Topical application, oral supplement or the Sun? 

 Applying topical products, which contain Vitamin D, or getting Vitamin D from the sun is very different than taking a vitamin D oral supplement. Oral supplements have to be broken down in the stomach and then distributed throughout the body. The last place supplements will reach (if they even do) is the skin. This is why we recommend using topical products, which contain Vitamin D for, skin health.  However, oral supplementation of Vitamin D is crucial for internal health. You need to do all.

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Fathers Day is right around the corner and one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. My dad, Dr. G, is an inspiration to all of us at Goldfaden MD, but mostly to me. From teaching me to ride my first bike to how to run a skincare company this guy can do it all. We want to share with you some of Dr.G’ favorite things that maybe the dad in your life might like as a gift.

Even though he is a health nut, everyone needs a little bit of sweetness. Dr. G loves dark chocolate. Obviously dark chocolate is extremely beneficial to your health and the darker the better.  Look for 70-90% cocoa for the highest levels of antioxidants. Vosges Chocolate now makes superfood infused chocolate bars by including delicious ingredients like pomegranate and blueberry. One of Dr. G’s favorite chocolate companies is Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn.


You will never see Dr. G without vibrant colors on, from his sneakers to his dress shirts. His favorite shirt designer is Robert Graham. These shirts are psychedelically colorful and have embroidered cuffs and collars. For shoes, Dr. G only wears New Balance sneakers. He has around 150 pairs of sneakers in every color and design imaginable. His favorites are the sport limited events editions. New balance came out with a shoe to commemorate the Boston marathon and new york marathon. They also created a Brazil shoe for Carnival. When working out,which is a huge part of Dr. G’s life, he wears Lululemon shorts and hoodies.


Who better to ask than Dr.G for his recommendations for products for men on Father’s Day! Must haves for men :

Radical Difference-for its soothing abilities – great as an aftershave

Sun Visor– because even men need to wear SPF

Bright Eyes– because men need to target darkness, puffiness and wrinkles

Fresh A Peel– perfect chemical exfoliator for men and it won Men’s Health Magazine 2014 Grooming Awards!

Hopefully the Dad in your life will like one of these suggestions.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!