Dr. Gary Goldfaden, MD, reports:

There is a key ingredient to healthy skin that is one of the most dynamic substances that the human body produces. It controls everything from normal bone growth and immune system response to healthy eyesight and neuromuscular function. It is absolutely essential to the long-lasting health and beauty of the skin through its crucial involvement in skin cell metabolism, growth, repair and protection. This amazing and largely overlooked nutrient is none other than vitamin D.

A True Skin Saver 

Every skin cell begins its life deep in the base layer of the epidermis. As these immature cells detach and migrate upward on their 2 week journey to the surface, they go through a series of complex changes in both form and function. The rate at which these cells divide, the nature and timing of their changes, as well as their transit time to the surface, are all controlled by growth factors and other molecules that are triggered by the presence of vitamin D.

The skin loses and must replace about 40,000 cells every minute. If enough vitamin D is not available to fuel this process, replacement cells won’t be manufactured quickly enough. Inevitably, the outer layer of skin becomes thinner and more fragile. It begins to sag from lack of adequate support. Dryness and wrinkles eventually set in as moisture is lost to the outside.

A Modern Epidemic

The skin can synthesize approximately 10,000 IU of vitamin D after just 20–30 minutes of summer sun exposure. Unfortunately, between the ages of 20 and 70, about 75% of this ability to produce vitamin D is lost. In addition, today’s predominantly indoor lifestyle and widespread use of UV-blocking sunscreens have severely decreased the amount of vitamin D the average person produces.

Other limiting factors play a part as well. Darker skinned people need 5-10 times more exposure to synthesize the same amount of vitamin D as lighter skinned people. Those who live in latitudes beyond 37 degrees north or south of the equator are also at greater risk of lacking vitamin D. It is now estimated that roughly 75% of all teens and adults in the United States are vitamin D deficient. To make matters worse, most of the active vitamin D the body is able to produce is used to help build and maintain strong bones and not to nurture the skin. Woman’s Health Magazine reports on the additional health benefits of Vitamin D + suggests that it is the ultimate D-fense against diseases. 

A Skin Solution 

Skin care products containing vitamin D are the most effective means of addressing this growing problem. Topical creams and lotions featuring highly bioavailable forms of vitamin D can specifically target the skin,  effectively replenishing this vital nutrient directly at the source. Boosting levels of vitamin D promotes healthy skin by stimulating cell growth, repair and metabolism, enhancing your skin’s immune system, and quenching free radicals that cause premature aging.



People Style Watch – November 2012

We all know by now that exfoliation is the key to glowing, tight, even skin tone. However, in a world full of scrubs how is a girl to choose?  We know which product we would pick (a little self promotion never hurt anyone!) but we looked to one of our favorite celebrities and trend setters, the beautiful Kate Hudson, to see what she uses to get her gorgeous glow.  Turns out Kate is over the moon about DOCTOR’S SCRUB, which she shared in the October issue of People Style Watch.

DOCTOR’S SCRUB utilizes ruby crystal, seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid to stimulate cell renewal by polishing away dead surface cells, leaving skin brighter, clearer and younger-looking. Exfoliation is the key to good skin care! By exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, the skin is ready to absorb all the treatment products to follow. We like to compare un-exfoliated skin to an unpeeled onion.  The skin of an unpeeled onion is dry and cracked, but once you start peeling layers away, the onion is alive and smoother. If you have sensitive skin and think that you cannot exfoliate, you can.  You can use DOCTORS SCRUB once-twice a week or dilute with PURE START DETOXIFYING CLEANSER. I have very sensitive skin and I still exfoliate almost everyday. If you want to glow just scrub!

We are always trying to keep ourselves and you healthy! Dr. G(aka Dad) forwarded me an amazing study that was reported by the BBC this past week about the importance and strength of Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is Nicotinamide, which we use in our product Wake Up Call, so we already knew how powerful a vitamin this is. But what

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I just learned after reading this article is that B3 can help to fight off MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) is a bacterium that causes infections in areas of the body. This super bug’ or type of staph is resistant to most common antibiotics. If MRSA gets out of control in the body it can be life threatening. One reason physicians urge the public not to over use antibiotics is that the body can develop resistances to them and then when antibiotics are really needed they don’t work. According to this study B3 helps to boost the ability of white blood cells, which eradicate and eat super bugs like MRSA. Normal levels of B3 can be attained from a healthy diet.