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Ensure Flawless Skin this Fall

Still paying for the summer sun damage you did to your skin? A little sun goes a long way! Fear not because we have your autumn skincare guide mapped out for you. A few minor adjustments to your regimen will keep you radiant and hydrated autumn through winter. Exfoliate Exfoliation is the most important step […]

Breast Cancer-Get the facts!

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and a perfect time to learn the facts about this very common and potentially deadly disease. Below are some facts from Breastcancer.org, where you can find out more information if you or a loved one is fighting this cancer. 1 out if 8 women will get breast cancer during […]

The Who, What, Why, When of AHA + BHA Acids

What Both AHAs and BHAs chemical exfoliators work by combining with the structural lipids in the stratum corneum (aka skin) and dissolving them so that the dead skin cells break away. This is just a fancy was of explaining their very efficient exfoliation method and why they’re an encouraged addition to any healthy skincare regimen. Who […]