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5 reasons to use oil on your face

The Power House Ingredients Image via Kiara Blanchette  Kalahari Oil– derived from the seeds of the Kalahari melon. Kalahari melons grow in the Kalahari desert and are a crucial source of water for nomadic people. 70% Omega 6 Hydrates the skin Contains high levels of Phytosterols. When applied topically phytosterols encourage collagen production and stop […]

Dr. G’s Sushi Roll

One of Dr. G’s favorite foods is sushi. Not a coincidence that the Japanese people have the highest ‘healthy life expectancy’. Below is a peak into one of Dr. g’s homemade sushi recipes, which works to improve moisture levels of the skin, while enhancing the natural glow, tone and texture. Seaweed Extract firms and nourishes skin […]

Dr. G’s Wake Up Bowls

Dr. G’s  Wake Up Bowls: Inspired by Wake Up Call Tired of the same old thing for breakfast? Well so was Dr. G so he came up this easy, healthy and yummy vegetarian recipe. Adding good fats into your diet will not only keep you fuller longer, but also make your skin and hair glow.  Avocado […]